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Mold Mitigation

Our company OC Water Damage provides mold removal services and over the years have established a reputation for being the best. At OC Water Damage we specialize in all aspects of mold removal including mitigation. The key element in being able to provide the best stems from our experience and knowledge in regards to mold mitigation. We have a highly specialized team which has both the knowledge and skills to tackle any problem. We are certified and work at solving your problems the minute we enter your home. Our process is completely outlined from the minute with enter you home starting with a free consultation and inspection of your complete home. We even check the indoor air quality for mold infections. By performing these simple tests we are able to determine the type of service you need and how we can solve your problem. As a mold mitigation service provider we must ensure no bacteria is in the air or the mold can spread at a later time causing even further damage.

With OC Water Damage you get a team which is working with you throughout the whole process. Our team will educate you as we complete the process so you can avoid additional problems at a later date. With a response team available 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK you can rest assure you’ll get the help when you need it. Our services can be catered to your needs and have a huge fleet of vehicles which are fully stocked to handle all types of mold mitigation work. To top it off, OC Water Damage offers a 2-hour rapid response guarantee ensuring you will receive the fastest possible response to your needs. We know it can be a difficult time when a mold problem expands so it’s important we get our team their right away.

With experience and a process perfected, we are sure we’ll be able to handle any mold mitigation problem. To ensure all the work is kept with one provider, we offer a complete replacement of property at additional cost.

If you are concerned about a potential mold issue at your home or business, please give us a call immediately and we’ll be able to help you with your problem. Our team is waiting by to answer all your questions.