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How Fast Can Mold Grow From Water Damage?

Posted by in FAQ on March 9, 2015

This is a common question asked after water damage has occurred and mold can further cause complications going forward. There are many factors that determine how fast mold will begin to grow after water has leaked and caused damaged within your home. Typically it will take anywhere from 24-48 hours for mold to start developing and the rate at which it develops will depend on how fast you can get someone to take care of the water damage. Let’s look some of the factors that will determine the rate of mold growth and what you can do to avoid this from happening. Let’s get started…

Amount of Water

The first determining factor when calculating the time it takes for mold to start growing is the extent of the water damage. The more water leaks the more coverage it will have sneaking into areas quickly causing damage. With this damage occurring quickly mold will start the development process and you’ll have to have someone in right away to check the extent of the damage. However,

If the damage is very slow and water leak is not extensive than the development phase will be slowed giving you more time to get someone in to check the damage.

Drying Out Process

Here’s something else very important to slow down mold growth and even eliminate the changes of it appearing. You have to get someone in right away to start drying the damaged area so you can stop mold in its tracks from developing. Many people make the mistake of not calling someone to dry up the damage right away because they think nothing will happen if they delay. Remember, you can’t see mold start to develop and will only see the growth during the late stages of development. If you have extensive water damage, than you should get someone in right away.

Mold Inspection

A water damage service company knows the importance of inspections and these are necessary to ensure that all areas are dried correctly. A job not drying the entire water area will result in the possibility of mold developing overtime. It’s important you have inspections done overtime however if you hire a company that specialize in mold mitigation and removal services they’ll ensure they stay on top of the inspection process.

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